We offer a wide range of services and adapt to any project you have

Bathrooms and kitchens

In Construccions Joan A. Florit SL we help you renewing that bathroom or kitchen that is in poor condition.
We can change a bathtub for a shower unit, for easier access, change tiles, modify pipes …

External thermal insulation

In Construccions Joan A. Florit we install this type of insulation designed to eliminate thermal bridges of a building. It consists of plates which are fixed to the walls and help keeping the inside temperature, so no heat is lost in winter or cool in summer. This way it saves energy and avoids condensation in winter. Normally it’s finished with a flexible material “monolayer” you do not need repainting.


Small or big jobs, in Construccions Joan A. Florit SL advise you from the beginning and help you to do what you wish.
We can change old windows, redo sanitary facilities, a kitchen renovation, removing a wall, paint or completely restore a house.

Structures and extensions

In Construccions Joan A. Florit SL we have the resources and experience to build a structure, it can be an extension of an existing building or a house from the foundation.


In Construccions Joan A. Florit SL we have experience in interior and exterior painting.
We have painted many walls in bad conditions, first we power wash them and then we repair and paint them, ensuring that the paint clings well to support.
We can also paint surfaces with difficult access with rope acces techniques.

Vertical jobs

In Construccions Joan A. Florit SL we can do works on walls or roofs with difficult access because of their shape or height.
It is a much cheaper and faster way than renting a crain or scaffold. The rope access techniques are efficient and safe.
We can paint walls, repair, clean…

Dry wall ceilings

In Construccions Joan A. Florit SL we work with dry wall on walls and ceilings.
Easy way to cover pipes, add insulation or close an office.